Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post-vacation Review

Colorado was what Colorado always is. The first three or four days, the thin air is a severely limiting factor; then I get one day when I can keep up on a minor hike or a day of walking around a scenic/resort/downtown area; then we fly home. In the interval, there's lots of nice time with the fam and much sleep deprivation due to allergies and a smaller-than-we-love-it bed (B and I got a king size bed last year because the dog takes up so much space, the queen wasn't big enough for the three of us (me and B and Her Holly-ness the Pup) anymore. Dad & Kris put us in a guest room with a full size bed, which felt like that scene in Barefoot in the Park where Robert Redford announces that "we will be sleeping from left to right tonight." Plus, I missed Holly. I repeatedly woke B by scratching his belly in my sleep, and on at least one occasion, I woke up enough to exclaim "Oh, you're not Holly, you're B!"

So there's some sleep deprivation going on, but that's not what you all both came here to find out about today. You came here to find out how the adoption announcement went. And the answer is that it went really well. They're happy, the first thing my dad said was "I'm gonna be a grandpa!" which was pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear, and they want to know all the details of everything that happens every step of the way. So, very supportive, very happy, and that's about all there is to it.

I spent a lot of time fantasizing about how cool it's going to be, probably in January 2011, to bring Annie/Oliver up to CO. Dad and Joe got out their guitars and played a bunch of songs, Amy and I sang along (both altos) and I kept on thinking about next year, maybe we can get Dad and Kris out to the east coast and then Danny (youngest brother) would be there too and then there would be three guitars going and I kept thinking that Annie strikes me as somebody who might like to play guitar with her uncles and maybe she'd like a guitar for Christmas next year, and maybe Oliver would like a really tricked out toolkit and toolbox all his own (his profile says that he likes to take things apart, which is totally a bonding point for B). And we went up to Breckenridge for a day and I thought about maybe in 2011 we could bring Annie/Oliver (or maybe even Annie & Oliver!) out to Colorado and how much fun it would be to learn to ski together and wondering if maybe it would be their first airplane ride, or first cross-country road trip... the kiddos were always on my mind.

Back to work, get through day, then hit the sack and try to catch up on sleep.

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  1. We go to Snowmass during the winter. (Well used to before J) and I can't breathe there either.
    Tickled you had a great time.
    J had her first plane ride last Thursday. We made 3 take-offs and landings. She finally made it to her own seat by the 3rd take off. I was proud of her for recognizing that it was scary and sitting in my lap.

    On your comment: You nailed it. It really grrrr's me too. I loved your analogy and I'm going to have it tattooed to my hand so I can remember it. Thanks!