Sunday, February 15, 2009

Looking for Info

I'm trying to find information on the education needs, up to and including home schooling, that my future Annie/Oliver might have. Unfortunately, googling "homeschool" and its variants so far has turned up all manner of "home school your children to keep the scary fact-based world out and bind the kids to you 4EVAR!!!" advice that does put the fear of God into me, but not in the way the authors intended.

Can any of the sane, rational people who read this make any recommendations? I'm looking specifically for info that would give me an insight into children ages 12&up, and children with cognitive delay.

Also, question for the day, why is it that people who do international adoptions aren't required to learn any of the language their children speak? I'm not wondering why folks aren't becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese (although there is a "Teach Yourself" series B and I saw at the bookstore that included "Teach Yourself Mandarin Chinese in 14 Days." We'd been about to purchase that company's German kit until we saw the Chinese one and decided that the company might have a tendency to overpromise.)

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  1. Ok, I have made some forays into the homeschool world (theoretically, not actually teaching the kids per se) so here's what I have found. First, check on I believe it's Virginia-based, but don't quote me on that. It has some really good information about a host of learning disabilities including but not limited to ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, etc. It's a great resource. is a virginia homeschool association. The website has some really good info--one very nice little article about homeschooling special needs. Also, check out this link:
    It is an article listing some private schools for special needs students in the Richmond area. It's about a year old and some of the prices are shocking, but it might be a good jumping off point.
    My mother suggests looking into Waldorf schools. The one in cville specializes in LD students and I believe there is a homeschool curriculum as well. My mother has a friend in Richmond who sent his special needs daughter to a very small private school in the West End.
    Also, there are some good secular homeschool curricula out there, but they are probably harder to find than the insular, crazy-christian ones.
    Also, as for the atheist in AA issue, um...just suggest he throw out the "God talk" and keep the good ideas? I dunno...
    BTW, your potential Annie just makes me want to give her a great big hug:)