Thursday, March 12, 2009

About that "i" in "Gullible"

Doop de doop de doo, what's up on Facebook today? (Answer: links to more information than I wanted to know about the sex life of a guy I knew in college, that's up.)

But what is this? There, across the top - it appears that 2 of my facebook friends have challenged me to an IQ test! And 1 of my friends - somebody in Glen Allen - thinks I'm dumb! Which is weird because I didn't know any of my friends lived in Glen Allen, although it would be cool if they did because that's where I work and it would be so close by and we should totally get a drink sometime or something. Just as soon as I take this IQ test and show them who's dumb!

Clicky clicky and this is a 10 question IQ test. WOW the questions are so easy! And there's my cell phone number and yes I accept the terms and conditions and...

It dawns on me that my IQ definitely has been tested here.

On the phone canceling my new subscription now...

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  1. OK, I've been wondering if I should bother flagging these fake "2 of your friends..." ads on Facebook with the "thumbs-down" button-- you can mark ads as "misleading". I haven't been flagging them, because while it's annoying, it didn't seem like an actual scam, beyond getting you to click through to the site. This one sounds really scammy, though. I'll be flagging these, and encouraging others to do the same.